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PEX Pipe & Fittings

We carry quality Pex pipe and fittings made by Wirsbo, Tuffpex., and Zurn.
Pex pipe and fittings are simply the best product for mobile home / RV plumbing. It has an excellent stretch factor to prevent damage in freezing situations and can stand up to freezing better than any other tubing. Rated at - 95 degrees below zero, TuffPex actually gets stronger as the temperature gets colder. Testing has proven TuffPex to be completely non-toxic, having no chemical residues, it eliminates the fear of chemical contaminants being released by some plastics, as well as the ions found in copper, lead, and other metals. The TuffPex System is also free of glues and solvents which are present in a CPVC system.

*Please note that these fittings are not compatable with (grey)Polybutylene, however we have available a conversion coupler from Polybutylene to pex pipe. (see part#p-1094 & p-1104.)


Cream colored pipe/fittings used for both hot and cold water applications. CPVC or PEX are the most common products for mobile home plumbing repairs.


The white plastic pipe and fittings used for COLD water applications.

ABS For drain line repair (Black)

ABS is the black plastic used for drain and sewer lines.

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